The mysterious lith process brings a dramatic contrast to images, unexpected textures and a beautiful grain.

Due to the unpredictable nature of lith, each print is unique and can not be replicated.

During the process of printing, the lith chemical rapidly deteriorates creating a completely different and often surprising print each time that can not be reproduced. The time a print is left to develop in the chemicals is based on sight and instinct. It is the serendipitous quality of this process that makes it so magical.

The Process

Email me your JPEG and I will advise whether it will convert well to lith. Some images are more suitable to this process, so it is helpful to have a few options. 

Your selected JPEG file will be converted to a black and white contact negative on acetate film. 

Using this contact negative, I will hand print three varying lith images in the darkroom on your choice of warm toned paper or cool toned paper.

The print and contact negative will be sent to you. 


$350 plus postage and packing

Cost includes an original print and the black and white contact negative.

Prints are on fomatone 9.5 inch x 12 inch paper, with a border.

Framing is possible at an additional cost.